Novex Solutions

Distribution Division

Our Capabilities

We treat your brand and product as our own. With a balance of labor and automation, we create inventory management and fulfillment options tailored to meet your needs. 

From peak seasons to new product launches, we offer flexibility and expertise to accommodate your product inventory and distribute your products under your name.

All manufactured materials are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled area with 24 hour monitoring. Monthly inventory verifications are provided to customers.

We can take all orders from your customers by responding under your company name. We have the ability to receive calls from your customers, and answer basic questions from a list of approved responses.

All inventory can be distributed from our facility to your customers and/or your distributors via a variety of services from first overnight to ground. Access to your inventory management system will allow for real time inventory levels.

Following shipments, invoicing can be completed within a defined period of time.

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