Novex Innovations

Device Division

Our Capabilities

We strive to be a trusted and dependable partner in the design support, development and manufacturing of your devices. Our experts partner with you to bring your devices to market.

We support the design of your product to streamline manufacturing while maintaining the highest quality of your finished product. This allows for optimization and ultimately best pricing for your product.

With our continual improvement through change control, we continue to monitor your program(s) to ensure the best product for your clients.

From first articles, we produce product for evaluation studies and validation activities. We routinely conduct a wide range of studies, including but not limited to, VDmax, dose audit, bioburden evaluation, accelerated/real time aging studies, transportation studies and package integrity.

Our varied experiences in the manufacturing of devices allows for the optimal path to the market for your product.

Using a wide variety of packaging options, we can either accommodate your existing needs or provide options for the type of packaging best suited for your product.

We are experienced in the assembly of medical devices, including assembly and testing or electrical/electronic MET approved products.

FDA Registered.

ISO 13485 Certified.

Assembly of MET approved products.

Currently the sole manufacturers listed for 11 registered 510K products and 5 under development.

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